Our Services

Preliminary & Conceptual Design Phase

  • Taking the Clients instructions and analyzing the project brief.
  • To conduct inventory, analysis and any necessary study.
  • Consulting any local or other approving authorities.

Schematic & Master Plan Phase

  • Preparing preliminary conceptual sketch proposals to interpret the project brief.
  • Developing the preliminary conceptual sketch proposals, through collaboration and consultation with planners, engineers, architects, and/or other consultants involved in the project, into sketch designs to a stage sufficient to enable an application to be made for planning approval or approval in principle to comply with the relevant by laws.
  • Preparing preliminary estimates of the probable construction cost based on current rate, volume of unit cost.
  • Where applicable, preparing and submitting the same together with all the necessary documents to relevant approving authorities for planning approval.

Design Development Phase

  • Upon the approval of the proposals by either the relevant authority or the client, developing the schematic design authority or the client, developing the schematic design drawings to a stage to enable coordination with other consultants if necessary and to commence detailed design work.
  • Preparing working drawings and submitting the same together with all necessary particulars to the relevant approving authorities to obtain landscape approval in support for statutory building approval.
  • Updating the preliminary estimates of landscape construction cost and submitting the same to the client for their approval.
  • Updating the project planning and implementation schedule and submitting the same to the client for approval.

Contract Documentation Stage

  • Upon the approval of the client of the updated estimates of landscape construction costs and the planning and implementation schedules; preparing and finalizing the detailed drawings, specifications and other particulars necessary to the stage of completion adequate for the bills of quantities.
  • Preparing all documents necessary for obtaining competitive tenders for the work.
  • Inviting, on behalf of the client, tenders for the work or collaborating with the independent quantity surveyor engaged by the client to do so.
  • Evaluating the result of the tenders and submitting a report and recommendation to the client.
  • Awarding the contract on behalf of the client.
  • Preparing the contract documents either alone or in collaboration with other independent consultant appointed by the client for signature by the client and the contractor.

Contract Implementing and Management Phase

  • Performing all the functions and duties of the Registered Landscape Architect under the terms and conditions of the landscape contract.
  • Providing information and issuing instructions to the contractor as required under the term and conditions of the landscape contract to enable the contractor to proceed with the works.
  • Examining the works programmed submitted by the contractor and to be satisfied that the works can be reasonably be completed within the contract period.
  • Inspecting the works periodic intervals so as to ensure that the works are being executed in general accordance with the landscape contract to enable the landscape architect to certify the completion of the landscape works required in support of an application for a certificate if fitness for accupation from the relevant approving authority.
  • Accepting on behalf of the client, the works at various stages of completion.
  • To verify drawings showing the landscape works as constructed (as-built drawings) and maintenance manuals as provided by builders.

Landscape Masterplanning

  • Undertake masterplanning and urban design projects ranging in scale from site development to regional planning schemes.
  • Execute conceptual masterplan through the various stages of development approval to enable implementation on site.

Design Research

  • Conduct detail study for site-analysis specific projects.
  • Design research on landscape architecture, landscape planning and tourism.

3D Visualization, Landscape Modeling & Animation

  • Execute design presentations through 3-Dimensional visualization and animation for Clients to 'experience' design.
  • Graphically enhanced drawings for a closer representation of real-life designs.